Welcome to your new favourite role.

Welcome to your new favourite role.

Life’s too short for a job you don’t enjoy. Join us as a sitter or an after-school nanny to connect with amazing families, have fun and get paid for doing something you love.

Why Babysitters Club?

More to the point, why not? Whether you’re working towards a child-based career, or looking for a meaningful way to supplement your income, Babysitters Club is what you’ve been searching for. We take care of the annoying admin, so you can get on with having fun interacting with the children and making a real difference in people's lives.

Work When You Want

Get Paid To Have Fun

Belong To A Community

Be Secure & Protected

No More Admin

The first time I cared for the Moore family, C (8yr old girl) had asked a lot of questions about being a childcarer. She asked if it was fun, stating that she had thought it would be a cool job. I explained to her that I love doing what I do because working with children is what I am good at. I explained that every child is different and you have a lot of fun on the job doing different activities with the children you care for. I thought that would be the end of it but when coming back tonight, we had the most wonderful chat about how she plans to be a childcarer for her first ever job because she loves meeting people and “because babies are soooo cute!” She’s been thinking about this for months and was so excited to engage in conversation again. It’s so cool being able to inspire children and I wouldn’t be able to meet the amount of new young people I have if I wasn’t working for Bright”.

Ghissy, carer

Working for Bright is fantastic because it’s all about the PEOPLE. They keep us safe, work hard for us and are only a phone call away. You get to meet lots of different lovely families along the way. Some who are visiting you meet just the once and others who you start to work for regularly. The hours are flexible, the work is constant and the app means you get all the information you need in one place. I’ve been with Bright for a year now and plan to be for many more.

Fiona, carer

Being a part of Bright is awesome. Apart from the flexible hours to work around our own personal schedule, we are continuously supported. The Bright app is super helpful and easy to use. I love meeting new families and making new connections. I am so glad to be a part of the Bright community!


It’s Super Easy To Get Started.

Step One: Tell us about yourself.

First you fill out a few details, then we will review your application. If your application is successful, you will be able to book in an interview with our founder, Georgia. She will ask about your experience with children and go over everything you need to know about joining our community.

Step Two: Provide details & documents.

If your interview is successful you will need to sign a few documents while we process your police-check. We will also provide you with a babysitting package to help you be the best sitter or after school nanny you can be.

Step Three: Have fun!

Once your police-check, paperwork and references are complete, you can get started. Here you will be able to begin helping the most amazing families while having complete freedom over when and where you work.

We love to be social, follow our journey.