Carer FAQ

Carer FAQ

We hope you can find the answer to your questions. If what you are looking for is not covered - please reach out to us via our messaging system in the bottom right of the page.

Being a carer

Police-checks can take up to 25 working days to be processed (1.25 months total). Unfortunately we aren’t told when the New Zealand police will releasing your results so we get in touch with you the day we receive them.

After each booking, you can easily enter in the hours you are owed under your ‘Confirmed Bookings’ screen in the app or website. This will generate an invoice directly to us, which we will process from Monday - Sunday, and pay every Thursday.

We charge a parent's credit cards to make things nice and easy for everyone. This means you will never be underpaid in any instance.

If a parent offers you cash in any instance, kindly decline their offer and let them know they will charged via our platform.

This is an unknown, as every family works so differently.

We have some families who will book months in advance, and others who will book two hours ahead of when they need someone. You can apply for bookings that suit your schedule best as they come through.

We allow more than one carer to apply for each booking to ensure every family has a range of options when choosing the best fit for their family.

If you are feeling as though you need support in getting more bookings, please contact us on and we will help you from there.

Carers should fulfil all confirmed bookings unless unwell or an unfortunate event has occurred. If there is a valid reason for canceling a booking, and this can be verified, one-time and ongoing nanny cancelation terms may not apply.

Valid reasons for not fulfilling a booking:

  • Unexpected illness or injury affecting oneself or an immediate family member where a medical certificate can be provided to support this
  • Death of an immediate family member where a police report or death certificate can be provided to support this
  • External transport disruptions that mean it is impossible to travel to the booking destination, including road closures and flight cancellations only due to airport closures. Delayed or rescheduled flights, overbooking, airline strikes and the inability of an airline to complete a flight are not covered under our cancelation policy.
  • A serious family event has occurred which can be confirmed by another family member

Cancelation terms for one-time care. If you cancel a confirmed booking without a valid reason, the following will apply:

  • A cancellation fee of up to $100 may be charged or withheld from your next payout
  • Your calendar may be blocked in which case you will not be able to apply for other jobs at the same date/time on the platform
  • A public cancelation review will be left on your profile
  • You will be unable to retain a star carer status for six months. Star carers must have a cancelation rate of 1% or lower.
  • If you cancel three or more bookings within a year, we may suspend your account

Cancelation terms for ongoing care. If one weeks notice isn’t provided to the family or if you, the carer, do not have a valid reason for cancelling, the following will apply:

  • A cancellation fee of up to $100 may be charged withheld from your next payout
  • A public cancelation review may be left on your profile
  • You will be unable to retain a star carer status for six months. Star carers must have a cancelation rate of 1% or lower.
  • If you cancel three or more bookings within a year, it may result in the loss of your current ongoing role and we may suspend your account.

Canceling is incredibly disruptive for families. Families use our service because they do not have reliable, trusted others who they can call on.

  • 48hrs hours in advance: The family has 35 hours to select a carer before their booking is paused.
  • < 48hrs hours in advance: The family has 12 hours to select a carer before their booking is paused. Please note: 11pm - 6am is not included in the total time the family has to book their carer.

Signing up as a carer

Bright works in two ways;

  1. We can conduct a police check upfront and take $11 via a credit or debit card by choice of the carer. You will still be accepted to our platform and can view bookings before making this payment, but you must pay for your police check before working your first booking.
  2. We accept a current police check provided by you, the carer, which has already been conducted under the child vulnerability act within the last 12 months. In this case, we will require a physical copy of your police-check. If your police check is accepted by us, you will not be charged to have your police-check conducted again. Please note that we need to police-check you every three years.

Please note, you may find you have less chance of getting work without a police check as these are often a safety mechanism that parents look for. We would strongly recommend getting your police check organised right away through an upfront payment as they can take up to five weeks to come back with the final results.

One - seven days.
The longest process is waiting to hear back from references. If your references are prompt at getting back to us, the sign up process should take no longer than seven days.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at

For carers who have gone through our vetting processes and have been accepted onto our platform.

  1. A family lists a booking

  2. You will be alerted to bookings relevant to your location and experience.

  3. You can view the booking details and family profile, where you can then apply for the booking.

  4. The family will review your profile, along with any other profiles of available carers. From there, they will select the carer they feel is best suited to their needs.

  5. If you are awarded the booking, you will be alerted.

  6. Once you have completed the job, you will then have the opportunity to submit your hours and review the family.

  7. You will then be paid by Bright

We do have a few restrictions in place for those who want to become a carer for Bright.

You need to;

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have previous experience with children
  • Not have a criminal record
  • Have proof of identity
  • Legally be able to work within NZ
  • Be able to provide a reference.
  • Provide all the necessary documents required

Yes. We have a lot of people who chose to work between different cities. You can have multiple addresses within your profile so that you can access bookings wherever you are located at the time.

We operate in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch

Please contact us if you have any concerns around your application being denied. We are strict with who we bring on board for the purpose of keeping the parents within our community happy, as well as ensuring their children are in the safest hands.

If you feel that your application has been wrongfully denied, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

We do have a minimum commitment period of three months. This means that you are going to be actively seeking and applying for bookings within this three months. There is a lot that goes into onboarding a new carer so we need to ensure the time we spend on you isn't wasted.

Bright operates in Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand.

You will be paid according to the ages and the number of children you are required to care for.

Our minimum pay starts at $23 per hour for one time care. If you get to Star Carer status, you will be able to set your own hourly rate.

For ongoing nanny roles, we allow our carers to set their own rate.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up to Bright unless you wish to apply for a booking.

We are big on safety and protection and ensure every carer within our platform is covered under our insurance policy.

The only cost you may have is the cost of a police-check should you require Bright to conduct this on your behalf. The cost for us to conduct your police check is $11 including GST.

Working with Bright means you have complete freedom over the the families you work for and the hours you work. You will be presented jobs relevant to your experience and can apply for those that suit your schedule.

If you don’t wish to work, simply don’t apply - it is as easy as that. We do have policies in place if you have been awarded a booking already, as reliability is what our company is built on.

At Bright, we’re passionate about matching amazing carers with incredible families. We pride ourselves on exceeding parent expectations and offering a wonderful service that they can’t find anywhere else. Join our community so that you can help us put even more smiles on children’s faces all across New Zealand.

The safety of our carers is our number one priority. We have put together the following information and advice to show how you are supported, and kept in a safe environment.

  • Family background checks All parents must disclose criminal records when they sign up to our community to ensure the safety of our carers. Details of family checks are available to you prior to attending a booking.

  • Verifying parent phone numbers All parents must verify their mobile phone number to ensure they are linked to a mobile network, and to ensure the safety of our carers

  • Insurance We have you covered. We have Public Liability Insurance in place for all our carers which covers up to five million in damages when completing work for a family. If something unfortunate occurs and you need to make a claim, please contact hello@usebright.ioand we will assist you in this process. Please note, you will be responsible for the $400 excess required to make a claim.

  • Trusted contact You will be required to enter the contact details for an emergency contact person in your account dashboard. In doing so we will have direct access to their contact details should we have any concerns.

  • Emergency protocols If an unforeseen emergency occurs, we will have prepared you in your induction to be able handle any given situation. For serious non-emergencies, the app also allows you to contact Bright directly so we can take appropriate actions.

  • Family feedback
    If your experience with a family leaves you feeling unsafe or unhappy, we ask you that you please provide feedback. We take these concerns very seriously, and will thoroughly assess any negative feedback that is provided. Our promise to you is that we only work with good people, and your safety and happiness are our priority.