Welcome to your new favourite role

Welcome to your new favourite role

Become a family’s special someone while being supported by our amazing team in an ongoing nanny role.

Sourcing ongoing nanny work

Take the stress out of finding ongoing nanny work. We source, screen and then match you with opportunities to work with great families.

Nanny support

We ensure you have the resources and support you need and there are clear expectations with families. We want you to be a great carer, while being helpful around the home, but we don’t want you to end up being the household cleaner. Caring is your primary focus.

Nanny safety and security

Our systems are set up to keep you safe - we verify all families before they are accepted into our community. We also have public liability insurance so you are covered should anything happen while caring for a family.


Set your own rate and then focus on doing your best work while we handle all the nitty gritty stuff like getting paid. This means you are gauranteed to get consistent pay.

A role with a little bit of fun baked in.

We have teamed up with Hnry to save your money and make handling any tax needs simple and easy.

Join our community and take up other flexible one-time booking opportunities.

We have local families who would love to meet you.