4 things we can learn from children

By Babysitters Club | November 18, 2018

The Babysitters Club began from a love for children, wanting to make a positive impact in their lives and give their parents a break. The funny thing is, we find that kids make as much of positive impact on us as we hope to on them. It actually seems like they have life more figured out than us ‘grown-ups’ half the time, only we won’t tell them that!

Here are a few of the things we’ve learnt from time spent babysitting.

1. To be curious. Omgoodness how wonderfully curious are children?! Sometimes the ‘but why?’ can wear thin, but the curiosity behind it is amazing. It allows them to notice the little things we wouldn’t and creates a mind that’s open to always learning. We could all use a little more curiosity in our lives.

2. To believe in yourself. We’ve all babysat a child that clearly couldn’t do something but they still said ‘no I do it!’ and then set about trying their darnedest all while stubbornly refusing help. Children have this amazing self-belief that they can do anything and try anything, without a second thought of failure. In fact they don’t even comprehend failure, which in itself is a pretty cool thing. Imagine how much we could all do if we had that same belief in ourselves that they did.

3. But also to ask for help. As stubborn as they can be, children are also great at asking for help when they need it. They know that sometimes they need a sitter’s hand to do something and will happily ask. It’s funny how the older we get the less we want to ask for help. If kids can, we can too!

4. That it’s okay to cry, yell, laugh and say no. Children are pretty free with their emotions. They haven’t learnt that they “shouldn’t cry” or “shouldn’t say that.” We could all learn to be a little more more in tune with ours, crying when we need to and not always stuffing things inside to appease others. Although, let’s not be as emotionally free as the wee hair-pullers, that’s generally frowned upon after pre-school!