Goal Setting With Your Children

By Babysitters Club | December 17, 2018

It’s the time of year where our Sitters have started to reflect on the year that was and plan ahead for 2019. A few of them have been setting childcare related goals and sharing them with us, which has made us extra pumped for next year!

These awesome Sitters inspired us to write this blog post for you, so you can set your own goals with your children. As the saying goes “monkey see monkey do” so we hope that by setting goals with our children, they start to what they are capable of when they try.

First of all, let’s go over goal setting basics. We all know it but sometimes these things fall out of our busy minds. After all there’s only so much space to fit in all the to-dos and ideas!

Goal setting 101.

Good goals are SMART goals. SMART stands for:

Specific – e.g the exact thing you will achieve or complete.

Measurable – how you will measure or track that you have achieved the above thing.

Attainable – the goal is something you can do, this can level up as you do.

Relevant – it matters to you and your aspirations/values/life.

Timely – there’s a deadline on the goal.

When it comes to setting goals at The Babysitters Club, we always start with our purpose to make sure each goal is working towards it.

For example, our entire purpose for existing is to make positive impact on children’s lives, through our Sitters interaction with them. This means that any goals we think of will be related back to this purpose and how we can make our impact even better.

Next we look at any milestones or big dreams we are already looking at working towards in that time – in this case 2019. That helps us set both deadlines and specific parameters around our goals. Plus, it ensures our goals are worth putting the time into doing!

Finally, we sit down and set those goals. Having a calm space, free from distractions is key.

Start setting goals with your little ones.

Some ways to get started is to reflect with your children on what they’ve enjoyed doing this year. If their goal is around something they liked, they’re more likely to get excited about it and want to try more. Here’s how we’d do it:

  • Ask them what their favourite activity this year was – if they’re stuck prompt them with school, or extra-curricular, or at home related.
  • If you noticed them really thrive trying a new thing, ask them about it and suggest some related goals to see if that excites them.
  • Create goals you can do together as a team. For example maybe they enjoyed the bike rides you did a couple of weekends ago. You could set a shared goal of working towards the family track at the redwoods, or to get out and do a family bike once a month for the term.
  • Ask them what they’re proud of. It’s a nice chance to not only reflect on that achievement and give them a big high 5 but also to use as an example of a goal well done. Their next goal may stem from this achievement, at the next level.
  • Think simple. Goals can be anything! The simpler the easier they seem to be to stick to – even as adults! Maybe your little one wants to be able to write them name by the end of the holidays ready for school. That’s an amazing goal – it’s SMART.
  • Make it fun. Even the setting of goals should be a fun activity for your children. Why not go and set them together with a fluffy from their fav cafe, or as a parent-child solo date.

Whether they achieve their goal or not is not the important part. It’s the action of setting them and starting to try new things, getting out of their comfort zone, and getting high 5s for what they do along the way.

We can’t wait to hear how you get on! Please let us know, and if you want a handy dandy Sitter to help with anything such as trying new activities, we have some amazing hands-on Sitters who can do that.