How to use Valentine’s Day as a learning experience for children.

By Babysitters Club | February 06, 2019

Everywhere you look at this time of year are commercialised aspects of V-day – pink promotions, heart shaped balloons and a crazy increase in jewellers ads all over the place. But underneath all that pink-themed shouting is simply a reminder to share your love with those around you.

One of our key values is to be a positive example for children, through our interaction with them. Valentine’s day is a chance to do just that, to lead by loving example and show our kids that love is about making an effort. They’ll probably be curious about what all the promotions are about anyway, so why not make it an opportunity to show them how to treat others?

We’ve put together some ideas that can bring your children into any loved-filled moments with you, whether you label them valentine’s day celebrations or not. Your little loves, will love it.

Make cards together. Get your little one to help you make some love-themed cards. They could help choose the family and friends they want to give some to. This is also a great opportunity for them to practice their cognitive skills, bonus!

Tell them what you love about them. And what you love about their mum/dad. We saw one Pinterest parent even write each of the traits they admired on seperate notes and hung them around the house. It helps show your child/ren that love isn’t about ‘things’ it can be as simple as appreciating one another and being vocal about it.  You could ask you littlies to then do the same for you or their siblings.

Cook breakfast together for the family. Heart shaped pancakes are an easy win if you want to go that little bit more fancy! This shows that making an effort is a sign of love and gives them a chance to be part of that effort.

Lead by example. Let your children see you prioritising your other half as much as you do them – this could be as simple as having a night a week where the children entertain themselves while you two snuggle up with Netflix and wine. They will learn what a loving relationship looks like through watching you.

Plan your date together. If you are planning a V-day date – which we totally encourage – you could even have your little helper brainstorm with you. Maybe you can ask them about mum/dad’s favourite foods, or flowers, or activities, and even if you don’t use their ideas, they’ll feel like they had a part to play in making your date special.

With all these lovey dovey moments in mind, we hope you do have an amazing time celebrating love with your family. It doesn’t have to wait for valentine’s day either! If you are planning a v-day date night, make sure you book in with us asap so you can go out and enjoy one another’s company.