Ideas To Help Stimulate Young Brains Through Play

By Babysitters Club | November 15, 2018

Einstein said it best – “Play is the highest form of research.”

It’s easy to forget that play is how our children learn and work out the world, in fact playtime really is the ultimate learning tool for both the young and old of us! Whether you’re a Sitter or a parent who wants to make the most of child’s play, we have popped together a list of ways to make it both fun and brain-friendly.

  • Let them take the lead – they can run free with their imaginations. Research has suggested that children learn more when they take the lead, than if they followed us.
  • Get then outdoors – outside is always changing, one day they’ll be interested in a bug, the next hopping over cracks and developing motor skills.
  • Get singing and rhyming – this helps with learning words as well as how to blend sounds.
  • Do a team activity – anything in a group helps with social skills and problem solving.
  • Throw a ball around – this is such a simple way to develop cognitive skills, while having fun.
  • Embrace blocks – these toys are a classic for a reason, they can be made into anything the child imagines. As a bonus they enhance cognitive skills and teach cause and effect, such as when being piled to high makes them come crashing down.
  • Hide and seek – one of the best ways to get quiet time, hide and seek is also thought to navigation and spatial skills. Hiding an object is the toddler equivalent and helps with the same brain processes.
  • Provide a loving environment – this is the #1 thing for helping to stimulate young brains. When our little ones feel supported and safe, they explore and play without holding back.

Our Sitters are serious about play, choosing activities that are meaningful for the child and help them learn. It’s one of the reasons both kids and parents love our services so much! If you’re looking for a Sitter for your area, click here.