Lessons Learned

By Babysitters Club | August 19, 2019

As a Founder, I feel proud of what I have achieved with B.C, but at times it is only the highlights that are spoken about. People often tell you how well you are doing, which is what social media and articles often display, but business is something that unless your in it, you'll never understand. Simply put, ultimate highs and ultimate lows. 

I can't express to anyone how many times I have been crippled on the floor feeling as though my heart was being ripped out of my chest. A result of some people not caring about the effect they have on others. In reality, some people will walk over you in chase of a piece of paper we call money. What we need to realise is that behind every business is a passionate person, trying to make a dream, a reality. That dream isn't always to benefit themselves, quite often (and definitely in my case), that dream is there to benefit the lives of others. I run my business with people's hearts and well-being at the centre of all that we do.

We all need to take a moment to appreciate one another. To give gratitude to the person behind that phone or the computer, because he or she is trying his or her best to provide something that may be of benefit to you. Encourage people to make sure that money never overpowers their ability to be kind. Kindness is key. 

With this, I would love to share a few lessons that being in business has taught me over the years.

1. Technology allows us to stay so connected, when actually we are so disconnected on so many levels. Reach out to people by actually making the effort to go and see them. There is nothing like human connection - you won't ever get that time back.

2. Always put things in writing and ALWAYS have a lawyer look over anything you sign - you have no idea how much this will save you in the long run.

3. Have someone you can talk to regardless of whether you have something good or bad to say. Your support people are key in life - don't think you can deal with everything on your own.

4. It's ok to not be ok. Take time for yourself and don't feel the need to always be 'busy'. Being 'busy' isn't a cool thing if it sacrifices your health in any way.

5. What you put into your body will have a huge affect on the way you perform and the way that you think. Eat foods that nurture your body because at the end of the day, you are nothing without your health.

6. Surround yourself with people who genuinely want to see you succeed. People who you inspire and who inspire you.

7. Accept people for who they are and the journey they are on. Allow them to work out what success means to them - we are all unique and don't need to have the same aspirations and goals.

8. Believe in yourself. You are so much more capable than what you think.

9. Follow your dreams - there is no such thing as failure, only learning. Take every opportunity and run with it. 

10. Be thankful. Have gratitude. Life is all about your outlook and attitude - use it right. 

11. Most importantly - physical health is nothing without mental health. Make time for things that make you happy - because the reality is, we are never guaranteed to get to those things we are working so hard for now. Don't live your life with the mind set of living in your future.

I would love to learn more about others journey's and what they have learned, so please share your wisdom so we can all learn together.