Remember Miss Honey Off Matilda? We’ve Found Her Match!

By Babysitters Club | September 24, 2018

First of all, please introduce who you are and what you do when you’re not babysitting?

My name is Tori and I am a studying to become a primary school teacher. This is the first year of my 3-year course. During the day I am either at University or at a primary school being a student teacher. I am 19 years old and finished my last year at college last year in 2017. 

I love arts and crafts, so in my spare time I like to make things, paint and draw. I also love spending time with family and friends. I use to be a swimming coach so I enjoy being in the water and going to local waterholes with loved ones.

To help save money, I have another job at ToyWorld. I work there most weekends. 

What was it that got you interested in becoming a babysitter?

I have always had a passion for children, hence my career choice of a primary school teacher. Before joining The Babysitter Club I regularly babysat for family and family friends which I enjoyed. This influenced me to sign up as a babysitter for this business. 

At college, I participated in a 2-day babysitting course. It was through this course that I was introduced to ‘The Babysitters Club’. As soon as I got my full license I knew this was a business I wanted to work for. 

What new experiences, skills gained, challenges etc have you had as a babysitter that you didn’t expect when you started?

I have babysat for multiple under 1-year-olds, an awesome child with a child who has down syndrome, and many over 10-year-olds. Caring for a range of children has taught me different ways to relate and interact with different children of all ages. I did not expect to get the opportunity to become a regular babysitter for this sweet child with Down Syndrome. I have learnt a lot from him and his family. A challenge I have experienced through babysitting is children missing their parents. As a result of this, I have picked up a few different ways to comfort these children and how to assure them that their parents will shortly return. 

What is the proudest moment you’ve had so far as a babysitter? 

A while ago I babysat an 8-month-old baby boy, whom when his mother left was quite upset. Despite being experienced with infants, I was very proud of myself that during these 11 hours with this child I put him down for his 2 naps, fed him, changed his diapers, and entertain him with no troubles. Not long after his mother left, he was happy and remained happy for the rest of the day. 

What about the funnest moment?

Every family is fun in their own way, I can’t just pick one moment. I have taken children to memorial park, walked to the dairy, to the park, done school runs, made plays and dances with children, helped with homework, played games. To me, this is all fun. 

What has being a babysitter meant for your life? 

Being a babysitter for this company has meant that I am still able to earn and save money whilst being able to study. This job allows me to pick up ‘shifts’ that suit me and my other commitments. I am also still able to have time for myself as there are no set hours that we as babysitters are required to do each week. 

What are you next big plans or dreams that babysitting will help you get to?

At the moment I am obviously still studying which will lead to me becoming a teacher. The experience I have gained from being a babysitter will help me as a teacher. It has helped me to respect everyone’s individuality. Everyone is there own person with their own skills and preferences. I believe this is important for every teacher to know. 

What would your advice be for anyone who is thinking of joining The Babysitters Club as a sitter? And why?

Be open to different parenting styles. Nearly every family is run differently. We as babysitters and people who are temporarily in another person’s home need to respect their parenting choices. 

Finally, any advice for people who are dreaming of doing what you did? 

Studying and working for The Babysitters Club is a great combination. It enables you to chose which hours you work to suit your personal life. Be careful to only pick as many hours as you can manage. The Babysitter Club is a rewarding job, giving you many different experiences and skills you will keep for life. Thank you Georgia for running such a well-organised business! You are an amazing person to be working for. So kind and caring. 

To find out more about Tori, take a read of her ‘profile’ or request to book her here