Tips For Hiring Your First Babysitter

By Babysitters Club | October 04, 2018

Your first time getting a babysitter? We can help you stress-less and enjoy yourself more.

Whether you’re a new parent or a sixth time parent, leaving your little ones with a babysitter for the first time can seem a little daunting. Don’t worry mamas and dads, it’s not as big of a deal as you might think! We’ve compiled a few tips to help you relax and make the most of your baby-free time.

Ease the transition

Even if your child is the most social kid you know, it’s handy for both the sitter and your child to get to know one another while you’re still there. If it’s the first time your little one has met this sitter, have them arrive half an hour or so before you’re meant to leave. That way your child gets to know them while you’re there for reassurance, and like-wise you get to see how the sitter is with your child for your own peace of mind. It’s also helpful because when your little one sees you confident and friendly with the sitter, it signifies to them that this is someone their parents trust so they must be a-okay.

Choose a sitter you can trust

This one is easy with The Babysitters Club! All of our sitters are police and reference checked before they are brought onboard. We also give you options, so you can read through profiles and choose the sitter you think sounds best for your family. Once you’ve had a sitter and loved them, you can request to have them specifically next time too.

Share every detail

Our sitters are pretty on-to-it and experienced, but we know you will feel more relaxed when you’ve told them specifics. If you think it will give you peace of mind, even try writing it down. Some things that may help relax you and your babe are showing the sitter your child’s favourite objects and ways to calm them if they get upset, how to work your phone, baby monitor, bottle…anything that will help make the process smoother and you stress less.

Ask for updates

We’ve had parents ask to be texted hourly updates, half hourly updates and once even quarter hourly updates! There is no shame in asking – we just want you and your little ones to be comfortable. Our sitters are always happy to send a text so that you can relax knowing what’s happening at home. Or if you want a night update free, just let them know and they can do that too!

Do a test run

If you’re still super nervous about leaving your little ones with someone else for the first time, do a test run. This could either be with the sitter they will have on the day, or a friend or family member your child already knows. This will help both you and your child see what it’s like to be apart for half an hour or so, making it easier when it comes to the real deal.