Babysitters Club has the same values and love for children as when it was founded.

Babysitters Club has the same values and love for children as when it was founded.

We build meaningful relationships that become like family.

Our story

The idea for Babysitters Club was sparked in 2013 when our founder, Georgia, was in her second year of a Primary School Teaching degree. Already busy with study and work, Georgia wanted a way to connect with the community and to get more experience with children that could fit in with her tight schedule. Georgia loved these one-time babysitting engagements with families - and when she travelled to London as part of a trip abroad her experiences inspired her to become an au pair.

Upon Georgia’s return she knew what she wanted to do. Babysitters Club was created - a way to make a positive difference in children’s lives while providing that much needed helping hand for parents. The company was built upon the idea that every interaction contributes to the person the child becomes.

Babysitters Club’s goal is to make every carer the children’s favourite - the kind of carer they remember for years to come. Whether that is because they made them laugh while playing dress up or taught them a new skill - each carer has the opportunity to create a safe and supportive environment that fosters curiosity and joy.

We look forward to having you join our community, Babysitters Club Team


Our story us about you too. We are thankful to work with great families and we understand the trust you place in us. We know how important it is to match the right carer with your children and have them become part of your children and have them become part of your family unit. We also see how busy things can get and we are ever focussed on ensuring that we make things as simple as possible while improving the child care experience. 

We continue to write our story with you -  keep us focussed with your feedback so we can keep delivering on what matters to family's like yours.


We are proud to work alongside our carers. We see the great work that is being done and the smiles created on children and parents faces alike. We know what it is like to be in your shoes and we are excited about the improvements we can deliver to make you more empowered and better enabled. We will continue to work hard and we welcome any feedback that can help us in our collective journey.